Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How Do Writers Eat Their Food?**

It's been a long time since I've updated this, my author blog. That is because I've been doing what authors do, which is write books. It's also because I haven't had much news to report. My agent and I are working on a couple of things and waiting to hear on a couple of others, but right now my focus is on writing a new book. (I'll write more about that later!)

My third reason for being a bad author blogger is that I've been busy with the Day Job -- or Jobs, as the case may be. Like most authors, I don't make a living off my books. I'm lucky, though, that I do make my living as a writer.

Since the two worlds don't often overlap, I thought I'd share just a bit about what helps put food on my table, starting with the awesome marketing work I do. I am the senior writer for a company that produces events, presentations and other experiences for brands like Crest + Oral-B. Recently, I wrote the script for a breakfast event honoring dental hygienists celebrating their profession's 100th anniversary. You can see some highlights right here!

I also do freelance writing for a variety of publications, websites and communities. Most recently, I've been contributing articles to a community called Vocalpoint - everything from personal stories about my kids to recipes to tips on being pale and proud this summer. Here's a screencap. ----> 

When I'm not doing all of that, I'm taking care of my children, spending time with my husband, oh, and writing books! If you're an author who also has a Day Job, tell me a bit about what you do to feed your family!

**The title for this blog post was inspired by this video, which my daughters think is HILARIOUS!