Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Read Any Inspiring Books Lately?

I believe the right books come to us at the right time. Often, I'll pick up a new novel and find that it is exactly what I needed to inspire my own writing or get me through a challenge with a WIP.

That's definitely the case with "Mostly Good Girls" by Leila Sales. I grabbed it because I was looking for a straight-up contemporary friendship story, and because I liked the cover. Beyond that, I knew nothing about the book.

Can I just say I love it? The writing is so funny and honest. The characters are all real people. The plot is simple and quiet and... did I mention the book is funny?

When I started "Mostly Good Girls" I was a few thousand words into a new novel project. I was struggling with my main character's voice, experimenting with the story structure, and generally feeling uninspired. A few chapters in, I realized I was meant to read Sales's book right now--and not just because I, too, have characters named Violet and Hillary. "Mostly Good Girls" has taught me a lot about taking time to establish setting and motivation. It reminded me that readers don't have to see the central conflict barreling up on them in the first two pages. It got me to slow down and appreciate the complexities of friendship and life in general.

So I'd like to thank Leila Sales for writing a great, inspiring, helpful book. And I'd like to invite you to give "Mostly Good Girls" a try. And if you have a story about a novel that helped with your  writing, then share it here!

To learn more about Leila, check out her website.