Monday, March 12, 2012


By now I think most people have heard about Pinterest - it's sort of like Tumblr meets Facebook meets your personal bookmarks on steroids. It's THE thing right now among people I know.  (Not so sure if it's big among my target audience of teens, but that's another post altogether.)

The cool thing about Pinterest, besides the chance to collect lots of recipes and wardrobe/decor ideas, is that it lets authors gather and share photos and videos that inspire them.

A lot of us create playlists of songs that inspire certain projects. And a lot of us share those playlists so readers who desire it can have a soundtrack to accompany their novel-reading. I can see authors sharing their Pinterest boards in much the same way.

Take, for example, the board I created for a book that's currently on submission - called RUSH. You might be able to guess from looking at it what the book's about. The board is a work in progress; I'm still adding videos and images and links, hoping to capture the tone and the message of the project, and someday I hope to share it with readers and fellow writers so they can get an idea of what inspired me.

I know other authors are using Pinterest in much the same way--as a research aid and a springboard for the imagination. I don't know if any are reading this blog in its infancy, but if you're a "pinner" and an author, would you care to share your boards?


  1. That's how I use Pinterest, too! Here's the board for Voice, the book I'm querying:

    1. Oh, cool! I love it, and now I'm intrigued about your book. Thank you for sharing!

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